Monday, October 8, 2007

The Results Are In

 id=Dear Readers: you have spoken and we have listened. Yes, the much awaited results of the Unibrow Conundrum are in and an overwhelming majority of you (93%) have indicated your desire to see Señor Gato Gringo depilitated until the Second Coming of Christ Neanderthal Man. Or Australopithecus Africanus. Someone suitably hirsute.

My mother has gone so far as to offer to fund
Señor G.G.'s electrolysis which, of course, is just plain silly because those lengthy sessions at the electrolysist's will chip away at my otherwise staggering inheritance. I might add that this is also completely unnecessary because I can easily jerry-rig something with a pair of tweezers and an electrical cord. I envision this as a much anticipated husband & wife activity that will bring Señor G.G. hours of excruciating pain me hours of pleasure.

So thank you all. To the 2% of you fetishists who voted in favour of the supra-nasal slug, sorry. And to the 2% of you
smart alecks who felt you had something to prove by voting 'other', not so sorry.

Does democracy still work? Damn straight it does and
Señor Gatito Gringo has - and will have - the eyebrowS to prove it.


N (Mr.) said...

"And to the 2% of you smart alecks who felt you had something to prove by voting 'other', not so sorry."


Mister N has to also confess ( well, doesn't have to but thought it might be better to)that he was probably around 95% of the people who voted 'Ewwwwwwwwww'.

Not his fault.

La Gatita Gringa said...

Itchy fingers perhaps?

n (mr.) said...

Ramadan boredom, me thinks.

Di Mackey said...


I can't find it.