Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why The World Sucks

 id=Señor Gato Gringo and I watched our television last night in hopeful horror as volunteers and experts tried to unbeach a 30-ton, 15 metre-long finback whale which had beached itself on La Petunia beach in nearby Marbella. With each subsequent news report, we couldn't help but notice that the surf was becoming redder and redder with the injured whale's blood. Some 3,000 individuals (2,997 more people than shown in the above photo) came to offer assistance with buckets of water or small sailing vessels, or just view this, the largest whale to ever to find its way to the Costa del Sol.

The whale died.

In this region of the world, finbacks -
second only to the blue whale in size and weight - normally ply the waters of the Alborán Sea, the westernmost portion of the Mediterranean Sea which lies between Spain and Morocco. Perhaps the gazillion construction cranes that mar dot the coast of Marbella interfered with the whale's sonar & lured it off course. They are rather mesmerizing.

Poor whale.


Cath said...

Cheer yourself up and read Fluke by Christopher Moore.

La Gatita Gringa said...

Not if the whale dies. I'm still traumatized by Watership Down. And Bambi.

Cath said...

Actually, the whales do quite well, and the book is hilarious.