Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mea Culpa

 id=Mea culpa = sorry I've been doing such a shit job keeping this blog up-to-date (but it's not my fault).

Pán Kocúr and I have lost our coveted (and very pirated) wifi signal without which blogging loses much of its charm and all of its ease. So until the pizzeria below our apartment decides to do something about fixing its signal and learn how to make a proper penne al pesto (they prefer to omit the pesto), we will continue to be losers the hunters and peckers of the wifi world - searching for rogue signals whenever and wherever we can find them.

And although I have much to relate, I have very little time at this present moment to be o-so-snarkily-creative. My loyal reader(s), therefore, will have to make due with this little nugget: in this, the post-communist and very secular country of Slovakia, advent wreaths - with the appropriate number of candles lit - can be found gracing the desks of this city's news anchor desks. So yes, while we watch the violence escalate in Athens - okay we don't, we usually watch Slovak television only to watch the NHL highlights - two purple candles have been twinkling with the promise of Christmas all the while. And after this weekend, a third. And then a fourth.

I can't wait to find out what happens in this, the post-communist and very secular country of Slovakia, at Easter. Those desks are made from a lot of wood. A carpenter with a handful of nails could really go to town with those.


Cath said...

We'll tell the Canadian embassy to stand down, then.

Mačka in Slovak said...

Ahhhh, the Canadian Embassy in Bratislava is a treat. Zippo security. My favourite place in the city.