Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Travel Update Brought to You by Atlas Jet

Atlas Jet - ever heard of it? No? - well, neither had we until we started looking for flights to Erbil. Erbil - ever heard of it? No? - well, neither had we until we started looking for new jobs.

Which brings me to the reason for today's micro-blog. Tomorrow morning, Mr. This Cat's (Not Abroad) & I fly out (on an Atlas Jet) to northern Iraq to begin our brand spanking new jobs (in Erbil). My understanding is that we may not have an internet connection immediately, so if I am woefully & inordinately absent for the next wee bit, please - all 4 of you who read this blog -
check back regularly. Assume that:

a) we arrived safely (represented by an image of Atlas Jet plane in the air)
b) we have not been abducted
c) we have not fallen victim to Self Incendiaries in Combustible Cars
d) I have not been cocooned inside of a burqa for all of eternity.

So take care - wish us luck - and pray that someone else in Izmit will take over my duties of feeding the city's strays.

Ciao babies!


Snowflake said...

We tried to Skype you and left a message. Safe travels and call or write when you can. Check on roundtrip airfare: Gerbil - Dubai. We're considering working in Dubai so we'll most likely need pet-sitters!

Anonymous said...

By the time you read this you will have been up in the air and landed in a new country. Also if you are reading this then you are hooked up again. Like all of your other adventures make this a good one.
Blog as soon as you can.
Surely something went wrong on your trip there. Did you remember to bring your hubby?


Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! And you will have packed perfectly, and gone to bed early, did not have drinks with Mr N the night before you flew out.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you have no excuses for not having appropriate clothing. I've had to explain this rule of life and travel to others. Like vous, no one believed me until it was too late.

Looking forward to the blog!!!!!

Miss K