Friday, November 16, 2007

A Madrid Haiku I: Ode to Spanish Potato Chips

O most perfect chip!
Simplicity is your name:
Patatas fritas

Haiku-ista's note:
The Spanish potato chip may quite possibly be the world's most perfect food. Hailing from a family of chip aficionados, I know a good chip when I eat one. The ingredients are simple: potatoes, salt and olive (or vegetable) oil. That's it. Why they're so sublime I haven't a clue. But they are. And I'll go one step further and admit that many a night Señor Gato Gringo and I forgo conventional pedestrian dinner fair and devour a bag or two of patatas fritas (and a cold cerveza) instead. Ahhh, good eats!


Anonymous said...

agree completely

when i was younger i used to cook tortilla with patatas fritas of that kind, try it



Anonymous said...

Thanks Amor. I just checked our cupboard and we have no chips in the house! Imagine my frustration! Now I have to cook!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! curse you woman! you are so correct. and with a nice cold cerveza! nothing beats that! nothing! now stop these food posts unless you are going to fedex me some comida espanola pronto!

Anonymous said...

One word



con chocolate

double mmmmm


Anonymous said...

Churros will be the next haiku.

Anonymous said...

Do they have BBQ chips in Spain?

I love churros too!

Anonymous said...

You can get BBQ chips but they're made by the Big Companies - like Lays.

We had chips for dinner again last night. And beer. *Sigh*.