Saturday, July 29, 2006

How I (Almost) Became an International Terrorist

From the Royal Air Maroc website:

Items Prohibited in Passenger Compartment:
Firearms, Bladed Weapons, or any sort of cutting item is prohibited in the passenger compartment.

So, imagine my horror when I found, zipped inside an inner pocket of the courier bag that I use as my travelling purse, my Swiss Army knife. Now I have travelled a bit in my time and I certainly am aware that our post-911 world frowns upon carry-on luggage that includes firearms, tweezers, wet cell batteries & the like, so I began to panic because I had already checked my luggage and I didn't want the ground staff at Terminal 3 to confiscate my knife.

But ~ oh wait! What was I thinking? I had already passed through security; indeed, my courier bag had already been scanned by not one but two x-ray machines.

Phew! I felt better. Or did I?

Addendum: I am mindful of Mr. N's post-flight observation when, last week, British Airways gave him a real (i.e., not plastic) glass in which to drink his onboard champagne. As he said, "terrorists don't drink champagne". I got orange juice.

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edj said...

Ok I'm not bitter or anything, but yesterday in the Casa airport they confiscated my son's plastic lego sword--i.e. the one that's 1 1/2 inches long. Yep. And then served us a meal with a plastic knife that was at least as dangerous. And you got through with an actual weapon? there no justice in the world?