Sunday, January 13, 2008

'uego Madrid

 id=The niceties of coming and going are a complicated business in Spain. If it wasn't enough having to get used to Spain's ubiquitous hola - even hollered up from underneath toilet stalls - additional pressure is exerted by employing the correct delivery of hasta luego. Hola is easy - but hasta luego? One doesn't say hasta luego, but 'sta luego, or 'ta luego, or 'a luego or just 'luego. I even heard a 'go once. Christ. Perhaps these variations can be explained as regional differences or as an indicator of the sincerity (or insincerity) of the 'see ya later' but if there is a code, I have yet to decipher it.

Tomorrow I'm off to the south of Spain. Not for good probably but for a bit. Señor Gato Gringo and I are starting new jobs, essentially doing the same crap job for the same crap money but - and this is the important part - in the sunnier warmer climes of Andalucía. I firmly believe that the
meteorologically motivated lateral job shift is a phenomenon grossly under-studied. But one which I readily embrace and endorse.

I hate winter. Yes, I'm Canadian. I still hate winter. I even hate Madrid's winter which isn't very wintery but is still winter because I cannot wear flip flops in January. I hate winter.

In conjunction with higher temperatures and brilliant blue skies, I anticipate the emergence of an erratic blogging pattern. I have no idea if my hotel has wifi but my vast and worldly travel experience tells me that where there is no mini bar, there is no wifi. I may have to blog in internet cafés. O the shame! Hubris! Hubris!
I may have to drink in the hotel bar. O the shame! Hubris! Hubris!

So until things are settled, posts may be a little non-existent. Or not. Who knows? Perhaps I'll just text message my posts to
Señor G.G.. Since he is unwilling unable to join me until the end of the month, transcribing my texts into insightful blogs will be a challenging experience and a much needed diversion from his pain and loneliness. Expect very short blogs. Or none at all.

I will miss Madrid.
'uego Madrid! - see you in September! I will miss Señor G.G, even more. 'uego Señor G.G.! - don't drink too much. See you in 12 very long interminable days.



Cath said...

Winter in MADRID is too harsh??? You may be a gatita in Spain -- in Canada you're just a pussy.

Senor G.G. said...

Well...come on now, she spent the last two winters in North Africa so it is a wee bit colder here in Madrid.

Me and my camera said...



Di Mackey said...

But what about those of us addicted and with expectations of regular updates????

Senor G.G. - I hope you will honour your obligations and La Gatita's expections of obedience. Winter in Belgium is a seriously grey affair and sublime posts are very necessary.


senor g.g. said...

Di mackey: I certainly hope to honour my obligations. Surely your grey affairs and addictions can be helped and/or brightened slightly by Dubbels, Browns and other fine Belgian beers?

Knarf: What's the weather like in T.O?

Anonymous said...

We need bloggins from the Cat!!!! Hoping for Wifi for you and for us!

Miss K

Me and my camera said...

The T-dot's been like a freaking yo-yo.

Warm and rainy, then cold, then snowy, then rainy, then more snow, and over the last week we've have ~very~ warm temps with rain, so that there's no snow left, just greys and browns.

It's supposed to snow all week long, and get colder as the week goes on.

About the only consistent thing this year has been that we've had less sun in December than usual, and Jan may set a record for the least amount of sunshine ever.

Dismal winter. Bleak.


Senor G.G. said...

Knarf: Yes, sounds like most of Southern Ontario in the Winter.

BTW - Gatita told me it was 21 C today!

Anonymous said...

don't drink too little neither. N (Mr.)

alle said...

why is it that cold always seems colder in warm countries, than in cold countries? +5 C anywhere in the middle east is absolutely freezing, but up in the snowy north where i belong, i take -5 C without a whimper.

and no, it's not about warm clothing.

El Casareño Inglés said...

With the wind we're experiencing at the moment +14C feels like minus.

After years of toughing out winters in England I admit to being a 'wuss here. I reckon my insulation from years of porridge and English breakfasts has finally worn off.

Down here we say 'luego or 'ha luego a lot.

Enjoy your time here