Thursday, February 16, 2006

Why Can't Moroccans Play Hockey?

I can just hear the jokes now ....

Why can't Moroccans play hockey?
Because every time they go into a corner, they open a hanoot.

... but they at least made it onto the scoreboard this time! Nor can the Rabat Capitals play the weather card again because the -8 C° temperatures didn't seem to hamper those ice-loving Mexicans from squeaking by with a 12-1 victory. So it's back to the Mega Mall for our gay blades where they can nurse their 0 & 2 record over a nice Coca Light. You have all summer to practice and maybe next season - if you're lucky - Algeria will have a national team too. In the meantime, keep your sticks on the ice.

p.s. Yes, a hanoot is a convenience store & it was a cheap shot. I hang my head in shame. But I could have just as easily made it a telephone boutique.

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